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Pray With Us

The work of God is effected by prayer. The experience of encountering the prayer life of diverse religions must be prepared by means of prayer. We ask for your prayers for the realization of this vision. We would be honored if you would choose to share them with us, so that, when appropriate, we can further share with others.
Pray With Us

Study With Us

The Global House is a place for learning and increasing understanding. We can begin the learning now, and increase understanding of the religious life of the other in study groups, church circles etc.

Here are some study resources prepared by the Elijah Interfaith Institute on the theme: From Hostility to Hospitality.

Study Unit Introduction
Study Unit Judaism guide
Study Unit Christianity guide
Study Unit Islam guide
Study Unit Buddhism guide
Study Unit Hindu guide

Form a Partnership With Us

We would be grateful for the engagement of foundations and philanthropists who are inspired by the vision, who find in it an appropriate means of memorialization, and who could help us carry this vision to fruition. A full project brochure is available. Kindly be in touch with the Elijah Institute by writing to [email protected].

Partnership is not limited to foundations and major donors. If you believe in our vision, you can be our partner in spreading the word on a peer to peer basis that can help us get closer to the realization of this dream. Through the power of technology, you and your friends, or religious community, can become a local partnership in realizing our vision.

Provide Financial Support

A project like The Global House rises from the aspirations of many. Each individual can make a difference, even by means of the most minimal contribution.
Provide Financial Support
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